Coaching People to Be Like You? Here’s Why That’s a Big Mistake 


Coaching People to Be Like You? Here’s Why That’s a Big Mistake

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No two coaching conversations should be alike—because no two people are alike. We make a lot of assumptions about people’s motives  — both the coach’s and the coachee’s. Used as part of a coaching process, Behavior Styles® can help managers understand their own biases and why some people may be less responsive and engaged or react in different ways to the coaching discussions. And with those insights, managers can create more effective, successful coaching conversations with every employee, regardless of style.

Integrity Solutions
Integrity Solutions, the performance experts, equips sales and customer service teams to rise up and lead by building trusted customer relationships with integrity at their core. 
As the partner of choice for values-driven organizations, we specialize in innovative sales, service and coaching training solutions that fuel performance, grow talent, lift up customers and elevate leaders. Our experience spans over 50 years, 130 countries and many leading industries. We have been consistently recognized the past several years as a Top 20 Sales Training Company by both Selling Power and Training Industry, Inc. and with multiple Stevie Awards for sales training and consulting excellence.
Coaching People to Be Like You? Here’s Why That’s a Big Mistake
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