Leadership Coaching Report 2021


Leadership Coaching Report 2021

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Organizations around the world invest in leadership development to ensure their employees have the critical knowledge, skills and experience to remain competitive. Industry estimates suggest the global investment in leadership development exceeds $3.5 billion dollars. Measuring the business impact and ROI is a challenge for most organizations. Leadership capabilities such as strategic thinking, collaboration and decision making are hard to quantify – and measuring growth and improvement can be difficult. The challenges, however, are not insurmountable. Some organizations have overcome these challenges and they’re measuring leader development at the individual and organizational level.

Sounding Board
Sounding Board Inc. is a scalable leadership development platform, combining technology and coaches to drive business impact for global enterprises. Sounding Board’s mission is to develop the world’s most impactful leaders and offer both 1:1 coaching, and group coaching solutions to better support and align to organizational initiatives and programs. Sounding Board creates agile and productive leaders with capabilities that are critical to business success in rapidly changing environments. Sounding Board’s best-in-class coach network covers over 60 countries and 15+ languages around the globe.
Leadership Coaching Report 2021
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